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Quality and aesthetic
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Today, thanks to Landmark Contract, choosing quality has never been so easy. In fact, all Landmark Contract products, made of the best glazed porcelain, have been designed, in residential and light commercial applications, not only for those who love good- looking products but also products which last over time. With Landmark Contract, you can be sure of purchasing high quality products for a reasonable value. With Landmark Contract you don’t have to compromise look for quality. Landmark Contract offers you the best mix: aesthetic and quality over price.

Why choose Landmark Contract
porcelain tiles

Glazed Porcelain is among the most refined and avant-garde ceramic products around today, and is widely used in both residential and light commercial applications. Glazed Porcelain is made from the finest raw materials, which are pressed and fired at high temperatures to create a unique product known for its aesthetics and technical performance. In fact, unlike traditional ceramic tiles, Glazed porcelain does not have a heterogeneous structure: therefore, it is harder, more compact and completely unabsorbent, and therefore is resistant to frost, shocks, chemicals and it is easy to clean. A unique material, for those who want quality without compromise.
The best looking products have never been so accessible.